Beatle Magic

Beatles TributeA tribute show with a difference, ‘THE’ most authentic sounding Beatle Tribute you will ever hear.

This Sydney based show has had massive reaction in there first Four years.  There reproduction of the Beatles sound is second to none.

I think you’ll agree that you’ve never heard any other show come even close to BEATLE MAGIC.

Even down to their stitch for stitch exact replica Beatle suits made by the owner of John Lennons original ‘A Hard Days Night’ suit, (bought at Sotherby’s) AS WELL AS identical instruments that the Beatles used around the world for your musical enjoyment….

Founding member and band leader Bill Croft (as John Lennon ) is no stranger when it comes to the sounds of the Beatles, being his favorite group of all time, he has been performing their hits from an early age.

beatle magic bandIt has been his goal to create the best Beatle Show possible even to the extent of engaging the no.1  bass guitarist performing the major club circuit, (Lance Link as Paul McCartney ) who not only plays bass but also belts out some of the most demanding McCartney vocals known to fans without a hitch, the line up is completed with the addition of Sam Bounader and Peter Connarie, 2 of Sydney’s most sort after musos who provide the perfect George Harrison/Ringo Starr balance.

Beatle tributeAll Beatle fans young and old if you missed out on seeing The Beatles live well look no further as you will not hear anything closer to the real thing in the BEATLE MAGIC SHOW experience…

The response to this show has been overwhelming.

This show is the most authentic sounding Beatle show in Australia.

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