Boys Light Up

Boys Light Up

When Australian Crawl first appeared on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula pub scene in 1978, no one had heard a voice like James Reyne’s. With his song-writing and unique vocal style, Aussie Crawl soon gathered a local following that began to spread like wildfire into the suburbs of Melbourne and then Australia wide.

Their songs had a sense of Aussie Summer Sun, Surf and good times about them and not only were they a big part of our “beach culture”, their music appealed to a much wider audience.
And now, almost 40 years later, we’re proud to present our tribute to this great band and unique vocalist in our new show Boys Light Up.

Boys Light Up pays tribute to both Australian Crawl & James Reyne in an all live show, featuring hits from “The Crawls” biggest albums and James’ stunning solo career.

Boys Light Up Tribute showAustralian Crawl: Beautiful People – Daughters Of The Northern Coast – Downhearted – Indisposed
Errol – Hoochie Gucci Fiorucci Mama – Lakeside – The Boys Light Up – Shut Down
Things Don’t Seem – Unpublished Critics – Louie Louie – Runaway Girls
Oh No Not You Again – Letter From Zimbabwe – Reckless

James Reyne: House Of Cards – Heaven On A Stick – Some People – Way Out West
One More River – Slave – Hammerhead – Motor’s Too Fast – Fall of Rome

Boys Light Up is available in 4 formats subject to your venue’s size and budget.
Option 1: 5 piece line up (á la 1979 Australian Crawl) featuring:
Lead Vocals/Harmonica: John Backer (as James Reyne)
Lead Guitar/Vocals: Jim Astley (as Simon Binks)
Keys/Guitars/Vocals: Andrew Dawson (as Brad Robinson)
Bass/Vocals: Robin Karpathy (as Paul Williams)
Drums/Vocals: Errol Reeves (as Bill McDonough)

Option 2: As above plus additional, guest guitarist (á la 1980’s 6 piece line up).

Option 3: 5 piece band plus support set with guest female vocalist.

Option 4: 6 piece band plus support set with guest female vocalist.

Featuring unrivaled musicianship and brilliant vocals, BOYS LIGHT UP will send you on a journey through the best of Aussie Crawl from Beautiful People to classic James Reyne solo hits like Hammerhead & Some People.

For a booking enquiry please email

phone (02) 4443 3422

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