Chalkie White Duo

live music entertainmentAlways Entertaining! Always live! great live entertainment, anything from party music to laid back acoustic sessions.

The Chalkie White Duo can cater for any venue/ wedding/ party or function.

Chalkie White – Live entertainment! When Chalkie plays, everything is live, a lifetime of experience in the live music scene.

A “real” passion for entertaining an audience & an ability and talent that can adapt to any audience.

Chalkie is one of the hardest working artists in the live scene, over 20 years and over 3000 live shows are a testament to his craft, Talent, Real, and Entertainment are the three words that have shaped Chalkies long and never tiring career.

John Gwilliam – “The” Bass guitarist, recognised and respected by anyone who has experienced him live, talent is something most musicians spend their life trying to concur, and some people are born with it, John Gwilliam, is a very well respected bass player by all in the industry! in the Chalkie White Duo, John plays Bass guitar and Drums at the same time! an un heard of art in its own, the only one man rhythm section in the world (that we know of).

Entertaining! Real! The way it should be.

For a booking enquiry please email

phone (02) 4443 3422 or fax (02) 4443 9968


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