Children’s Magic Show with Glenn Keeley

Glenn KeeleyWhat do you get?

When you book our services you are booking a professional magic show from a professional performer.

We have over 30 years experience, from performing at backyard parties for a hand full of kids, to many hundreds at festivals and events.

We are fully covered by public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Our birthday party shows are 45 minutes in duration, featuring amazing magic, audience interaction, fun and laughs, and appearing live animals.

If you have 20  guests or less, we create a balloon sculpture at the end of the show for every child, thus giving you a total performance time of 1 hour.

When considering our fee compared to others please do not mistake us for the multitude of pirates, fairies, etc. who do 2 hours of child minding at your party.

There is a world of difference between a professional 45 minute magic show that has been honed over countless thousands of performances and those who fumble through 10 minutes of basic tricks, then fill the remaining time being child minders, playing the games that the host of the party used to when we were kids!

A special note to event organisers:

Face paining and jumping castles are not children’s entertainment as they are so often advertised… they are children’s activities!

Ask a child what’s so entertaining about waiting an hour in line for their turn!

These activities are overused and appear at every family event, make your event different by using real entertainers performing real entertainment!

For a booking enquiry please email

phone (02) 4443 3422 or fax (02) 4443 9968


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