Neil Diamond StruckFew artists could claim the prestige of having composed music which is as recognised and cherished as that of Neil Diamond. His International following of adoring fans fill venues to capacity, to enjoy the magic of his words, and the warmth of his voice, at any opportunity.

DIAMONDSTRUCK recreates the passion and excitement of Neil Diamond’s most popular compositions, taking the audience on an emotional journey as Neil’s lyrics, often penned from the experiences of his life, unfold through the voice of Anthony Stone.

Anthony Stone adds his own influence to his performance, but his inspiration and heartfelt-connection to Neil Diamond’s lyrics is quite apparent in his rich vocals.

He is drawn to Neil’s own, ‘easy listening’ style and genuine Lyrics.

“I’ve found that his music always has a special ‘resonance’ with me. I feel at home with his music, and always enjoy the appreciation, and warmth of the audience, as I share Neil’s music with them”.

The band members are as diverse as its lead singer, with influences from many genres. Leanne Chamouille is backing vocalist and percussionist. Leanne’s special contribution to songs such as “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” and “Soolaimon”, reflect the colour and flexibility of a classically trained voice.

Vince Bronzino’s lead Guitar seems to have a voice of its own. Beautiful, acoustic tones of “Play Me” and the unforgettable riffs of songs such as “Crunchy Granola suite” and “Cracklin’ Rosie” are recreated masterfully.

Kylie Spencer’s warm bass lines are the backbone which supports the intended mood of each song, the pulse to compliment the beat, set by the drummer.

Greg Spencer, the drummer, sets the mood, and is the heartbeat of the band. His driving technique creating exciting tempos and relaxing rhythms is spine-tingling.

Stewart Harrison, on keys, is the micro orchestra, the labyrinth of beautiful tones, including the ‘virtual string ensemble’.

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