Email Etiquette

The carbon copy (cc:) function sends a copy of the email to that person, as well as, to the person(s) listed in the To: portion. Everyone will see the email addresses of all that received copies of the email. Dont send email with all email address in the cc function use the bcc.

The blind carbon copy (bcc:) function hides the addresses of the recipients from whomever is listed in the To: and cc: lists. This is the perfect way to send emails to multiple people on a mailing list, since the blind copied person will see only his/her own name and address in the header.

Nothing wastes time and patience as much as having to scroll through pages of addresses to get to the meat of the email message.

When you are sending an email to the department mail list or (especially!) to the company-wide mail list, send the email to yourself (using To:) and put the mailing list nickname on the bcc: line.

Many mail servers limit the size of the messages you can receive and send. Usually this limit is one megabyte (1 MB) per message, including all attached files. So check with the receiver first before sending files. Images should be sent as jpegs. With documents check first what format is best for them, or just place the text in an email.

Use upper and lower case letters ALL CAPS IS CONSIDERED SHOUTING!

Put a meaningful title on the subject line .Keep the email subject short. Make it meaningful. And, don’t send something that might be confused for spam. If you send someone an email with the subject “Here’s a Deal for You!” their email filter or they themselves may delete it unread.

Replies to sender(s) . In the body of the reply always include a snippet of the original text. If you just reply “Yes” to an email, the receiver will probably wonder, “Yes, what?” Email Etiquette says do not be a novelist. Keep your comments short and to the point. One more thing: Don’t reply to an email when you are angry about its contents. Cool off first. Or if you must attack the keyboard while you are in the mood, at least store the message off in the draft folder for a while. You’ll be glad you did.

Following simple email etiquette will make the net a happier place for all of us.

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