Glenn Keeley

Glenn doesn’t just fool his audience, he makes them laugh. With a quick wit and sparkling personality he sends your mind boggling one moment and sets your sides splitting the next!!!

See unusual and outrageous twists to the classics of magic and exciting routines the likes of which have never been seen before.

Too funny to be a Magician…Too Magical to be a Comedian

International success has seen Glenn Keeley performing in major clubs, convention centers, casinos, luxury resorts, theatre restaurants, cabaret shows, pantomimes, television shows and cruises. His award winning performances have made him our most respected magical comedian both at home and abroad.

Glenn’s Kids show features live animals, audience participation and give- ways and is designed to appeal to children from kinder age and upwards (yes … even mums and dads) Excellent for family days, presentations, Christmas shows etc.

‘Close up’ or ‘walk around magic’ is performed – the ultimate attention grabber. Extremely popular in restaurants and corporate functions and also Children shows. Don’t miss your chance to experience the Mirth…the Mystery…and the Mayhem of Glenn Keeley

Glenn’s Stage Show is a unique blend of fast paced comedy, magic and illusion. Swords are rammed through unsuspecting audience victims, watches are smashed and hundred dollar bills burnt… and this he does to the people he likes!!! Perfect for clubs, cruises and corporate functions.

From Pre-school or Kindergarten shows, crafted to suit the toddlers to something special for older children and teenagers at club presentations, Christmas parties or family days…Glenn has a show for every age and occasion.

Kidzone is the complete entertainment package for kids of all ages. This show features the talents of magical comedian Glenn Keeley as seen on major children’s television shows: Come On Kids, Ace, Kids News, Wombat and The Brekky Club

Glenn’s act is colourful, fast paced and very funny… His use of audience participation and live animals guarantees to have the kids screaming with delight. But wait … there’s more!

Glenn KeeleyDeadly Disco! Kidzone comes complete with its own disco… Kids are never still and we don’t want them to be! The Kidzone crew get down with the kids on the dance floor and boogie! But not for too long cause now it’s time for…

He is also a master of “Close up” or “Walk around magic” Short, stunning personalised performances for individuals, combining sleight of hand magic and tongue in cheek humour whilst mingling with your guests.

Glenn is also a member Morning Melodies: Loralyn and Hardly

For a booking enquiry please email

phone (02) 4443 3422 or fax (02) 4443 9968

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