Jive House

Jive House Music DuoLet Jaybees introduce you to two entertainers who have made entertaining their life, most importantly because they love it.

After over 20 years of varied and valued experiences working Australia wide, cruise ships, television appearances, recording and advertising, writing original music for theatre productions and recently a movie score, Ted & Linda enjoy their music more than ever.

Like a fine wine, this duo gets better with age and savours every live performance, no matter how large or small an audience, regardless of age, or even in what type of venue.

Jive House are equipped with an enormous repertoire ranging from the cream of the ballads and easy listening to raunchy rock n roll, always embracing the older favourites and continuously adding new hits as they reach the top of the current charts.

Renowned for keeping the dance floor a hive of activity, careful consideration is given to variety in dance rhythms, treating the dancers to a nostalgic journey from the Fifties to 60s rock n roll, the disco era, modern country,  American and 70s to 90s rock n roll focusing on songs that create a party atmosphere.

A night with Jive House will leave you wanting more while you will be satisfied that you have had a great time with this talented Duo.

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