Jollybops Childrens Show

Jollybops with Carmel the Camel & Rusty the Robot

JollyBopsThe music, pantomimes and characters of this vibrant children’s entertainment group, “The Jollybops” has audiences singing, dancing and clapping in the aisles.

The members of The Jollybops are all professional performers with extensive experience. Together they have combined their song writing, educational and theatrical skills to produce this high quality, interactive performance especially designed for the 2 – 10 year age group.

Through the use of song, dance, action, magic and outstanding costumes, their concert performance takes children on an enchanting adventure.

Along the way they will dance and sing with “Carmel”, a seven foot tall camel; do magic, juggle and ride a unicycle with “Rusty the Robot, and skip with Mary the Fairy to FairyLand to meet the JollyKing.

The aim is to ensure the CHILDREN ARE INVOLVED. Children are constantly moving and grooving in this high energy stage show. They jump, clap, turnaround and groove to the 15 original Jollybop songs and traditional classic children’s songs such as ‘Happy and You Know It’ and ‘The Chicken Song’.

Added to this is the unique comedy for kids of Rusty the Robot and The JollyWizard. Rusties attempt to tame his 6 foot Unicycle of Death and juggle his razor sharp juggling balls, keep the kids on the edge of their seats. The JollyWizard’s science as magic spot adds edutainment to this high quality and tightly scripted performance.

“Outstanding job you did in providing such a wonderful New Years Eve performance…bothpublic and media response was unanimously positive…it’s a great pleasure working with experts. Thanks for being one” Ric Birch – New Years Eve Event Coordinator & Sydney Olympics, Master of Ceremonies

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