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Pat DrummondAustralian Independent Country Music Artist Of The Year 2000 “The Sao Song” was probably the track which first brought Pat Drummond to national prominence.

The song, which was catchy enough to make airplay lists all over the country, and thoughtful enough to impress critics of the ilk of Philip Adams and Bruce Elder, was, however, only a small glimpse of this truly remarkable Australian talent.

Although well known for his comic repertoire, and his work with the Award Winning ‘Naked Poets’ Bush Poetry/ Comedy troupe, it has been the ‘power punch’ lyric writing in songs such as “The Road To Damascus”, “The Blessing”, “Vertelli’s Wire” and “Somebody Else’s Slides” which has so profoundly impressed both the critics and his peers since then.

As Australian Independent Country Music Artist of The Year 2000, serving board member for the Country Music Asssociation of Australia, Joint Winner of Male Vocal of the Year at the Australian Bush Music Festival and Grand Finalist in three Categories (including Album of the Year, Heritage Award and Country Song of the Year) in the Toyota CMAA Country Music Awards, the past ten years have been tremendously rewarding for Pat Drummond. International tours to New Zealand and Japan, have further enhanced his reputation as a formidable writer and entertainer.

Pat DrummondFor those who have seen Pat on stage the reasons are obvious. He is first and foremost a communicator who writes songs about characters that are instantly recognisable; characters whose experiences reflect the lives of just about every Australian, from the sophisticated city-dwellers of the Double Bay social set to the no-nonsense bush people of The Outback.

Perhaps it’s this common touch, this sense of what it is to be an Australian which runs through all his work, that makes Pat’s songs so accessible. He is, at the same time, a performer with an innate sense of fun and an astonishing capacity to entertain and involve an audience, and a songwriter, whose passionate commitment to this country and its people, has produced songs which are often more like one-act plays, concise and self contained; detailed social snapshots of ordinary Australians caught in the act of living.

From the young Sydney bloke who’s always chosen last on the football team and who finds a way to beat the odds, to the factory worker made redundant by the vagaries of economic policy; from the hilarious escapades of the Hay RTA road gang to the courageous battle of a Cowra couple for the life of their five-year old daughter.

From Gove Peninsula to the wild sea coast of Southern Victoria, the songs are word portraits of actual people whose courage, humour and endurance have formed the basis of our elusive national character. Old friends who meet by chance, lovers who have lost their keys to each other, highway patrolmen, hitch hikers, politicians, pensioners, prisoners, taxi drivers, timber workers, teachers and bushmen give us a brief glimpse of Australasia through their eyes.

Add all of that to lots of irresistible audience participation songs like “40 into 24,” and “Marilyn Monroe was a size 14” and you have a show that leaves people humming for weeks after it’s over.

Neither a country or city performer in the traditional sense; Pat Drummond’s appeal seems to cross these sorts of petty barriers fairly easily. As his success at Folk festivals; Country Festivals, Arts Festivals, pubs, clubs and Community Concerts has demonstrated, he draws his fans from people of very different ages and social backgrounds.

His songs, which deal with fundamental human values like Integrity, Honesty, Fortitude, Independence, and Enterprise are often funny, sometimes angry, but always hopeful and they are mirrors in which your audiences will see at least a little of themselves.

“He writes about love and death and all the things that touch our lives, as all the best writers do, but he writes with a deft hand for the listener who appreciates the lyrics, twisting an apparent cliche into a dazzling word play.” MICHAEL SMITH… Drum Media.

“Laughter Like A Shield” is Pat’s finest; full of beautifully crafted songs which tell us about the legendary, the ordinary and the possible, in ways that leave us not only with our feet tapping but with our hearts singing.” … JUDY SMALL

“From the outset it’s obvious that Drummond knows his way around a guitar and knows how to deliver a song…Pat is a perceptive and sensitive lyricist” … ROGER CROSTHWAITE …SUNDAY TELEGRAPH.

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