QuiniQuini can really cater for any type of audience because of a vast range of music and the varying formats in which that music is presented.

With over 500 songs spanning from the 50’s right up to the pop charts of today, Quini is always keeping abreast of the current trends. His versitile vocal style makes it possible for him to cover many different artists with uncanny accuracy, and in the duo format the increasingly popular female artists are perfectly emulated.

From old time rock & roll to disco, from country to heavy rock and from jazz\blues to grunge, Quini can play it all.

A song list similar to the one attached, is sent to customers prior to booking and they are encouraged to choose the appropriate music for their special gathering.

Quini would have to be one of, the most experienced singers on the south coast having performed over 3000 live shows. He started his career not as a solo artist, but as a gutarist\singer in a couple of very popular cover bands way back in 1981.

QuiniOne of which was HOT ICE. Quini co-formed the five piece band with school buddy Martin Maloney and they went on to dominate the live band scene around the Illawarra for close to 5 years.

When his second band KID GLOVES split Quini decided to form a duo with the bassist from that band, John Stokes. Using tape backing ( drum machines were scarce in those days) they received constant weekend work around Wollongong and interstate.

However, due to the availability of duo work at the time, Stokes and Quini both became solo acts and re-formed on the odd occasion.. And so Quini, Soloist was born.

In 1987 he landed the job of resident entertainer at the Illawarra Hotel and went on to play an average of 4 nights a week there for 11 years.

He did however play other venues in that time. Wedding, parties, pubs and clubs were and still are a regular thing, and as Quini notched up the gigs, his name became more and more respected.

These days Quini still plays a minimum of 4 nights a week around the Illawarra region with regular bookings at over 10 venues.

Because Quini only uses the highest quality equipment, he can boast an almost perfect attendance record. The gear he uses is capable of delivering first class sound to any venue, no matter what the size.

No one wants someone who just stands on stage and plays music, you may as well have a disco or a juke box! That’s why Quini developed Quinioke. As well as being relaxed and open to the audience, Quini also has the ability to make people feel like they can hop up and join in. An extra microphone is always set up just for this and whereas some other performers frown upon other people stealing their limelight Quini, on the other hand, encourages karaoke or sing alongs.

Of course this form of entertainment is not everyone’s cup of tea and the customer is consulted as to whether Quinioke is to be deployed .


Although the name Quini is synonymous with the solo artist genre, he has never ceased performing in duo and band acts.

If an all male duo is what you prefer, then Quini can team up with vocalist/Bass player Scott Surrige, or guitarist, Gary Bromley, making the Quini Duo the class act that it has always been.

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