Stacey Morris

Stacey MorrisShe began singing professionally at the age of 15 when she joined the Chris Turner Band. She has recorded a number of albums, and has been a member of a number of rock bands, notably Stormy Monday during the eighties. Stacey ran the rock gauntlet spending many hours of many years touring and working the pub and club scene.

In 1996 she won the Australian Open Singing Championship and has come of age in terms of her choice of styles. Her musical influences are varied but include powerful vocalists from high voltage rock n ‘roll, jazz and blues and “new” country, both male and female.

Stacey is well known in the Illawarra region and has focused her musical energies on Country music for the last seven years. She is married to well-known St.George and Roosters NRL player, Steve “Slippery” Morris.

Stacey MorrisStacey is a singer of the goose bump variety. There are a lot of good singers in Australia today, but good becomes great when Stacey takes centre stage. After Alan Jones heard Stacey’s last album “The Sweetest Thing”, not only did he promote it heavily on radio, his commentary was “that girl can sing!”

Stacey plays her audience as well as she sings. She builds a warm rapport with her gutsy sound, spontaneous repartee and wit and conveys a performer who really enjoys what she is doing.

The emotion in her delivery tells tales of a life lived with a lot of pain and a lot of joy; Stacey has been in both places but that’s her story to tell.

Stacey’s album Borders and Boundaries is the result of collaboration with Herm Kovac. Herm played drums with TMG (Ted Mulray Gang), but for the last 20 years has owned and operated Ramrod Studios. Stacey’s manager approached Herm to produce her new album based on recommendations from just about everyone involved with Country Music.

Herm’s ability to hear the possibilities of the music, and Stacey’s seasoned approach to getting the note just right, resulted in a polished album that makes it hard to pick the “best” track.

The voice -track took just four hours with no retakes, the result of a shared commitment to the end result, and a special relationship which developed between Stacey and Herm.

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