The Elton Experience

The Elton ExperienceThe Elton Experience is the ultimate tribute to one of the greatest living musical legends of all time, Sir ELTON JOHN.

Elton has continued to write and perform show-stopping music over four decades and this has been brought together expertly in one extravaganza – The Elton Experience.

This is an Elton John tribute show with a difference!

Fabulous music and spectacular costumes spanning four decades bring the show to life and transport the audience into another world.

The Elton ExperienceThe stage is filled with the music of Elton John. An awesome band featuring brilliant musicians with highly polished backup vocalists complete the mood.

The audience will be surprised by the ability of these energetic and accomplished performers.

Surprise guest instrumentalists will perform some of Elton’s numbers with an exceptionally talented female vocalist complimenting Danny in one or more of Elton’s duets.

The scene is set as you meld with the music to relive the feeling that is the The Elton Experience.

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