The Goyles


Their music is raw and played with contagious enthusiasm. The boys pride themselves on playing live and being spontaneous, no sequencing here! What you see is what you get.

They are a professional unit and the kings of the classic three chord wonders we all love.

The Goyles will leave you gasping for breath as the band feeds off their audience. The more you party the more they give.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself on stage with the boys as The Goyles encourage everyone to lose their inhabitations and join in on the excitement.

Goyles Pub rockIf you have ever dreamed of being a guitar legend, the lead singer of a band or just wanted to be part of the experience or being on stage in a band here is your chance.

party rockThe Goyles will take you on a fun fill night of laughs and entertainment easing you in with their two part show. The first part of the show consists of an acoustic set that builds to the point were you can’t help yourself but dance.

Pub rock band

The second set the boys pump out those pub rock classics we all grew up with.

Their show will leave you buzzing, excited and your voice horse from all that singing you just did.

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