Wadumbah Aboriginal Dance Group

Wadumbah Aboriginal Dance GroupThe Wadumbah Dance Group has achieved the status of being one of the premier Indigenous dance groups in Australia.

They have been doing concerts and presentations for over 12 years through-out the State of WA and invited to perform in many countries world wide on many occasions. Along with the likes of Germany, Italy, Los Angeles, San Francisco, the island paradise of Mauritius, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to name a few.

The group had a successful two week tour of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates this year (May 2007). Wadumbah regularly perform at the big Fairbridge Festival south of Perth and the Perth Royal Show.

Wadumbah Aboriginal Dance GroupWho are we: Men from the Noongar nations of the south west of Western Australia, their tribal homeland of the ‘Whadjuck region.’

The group regularly do concerts at schools, festivals, national and international conferences, conventions and Welcome To Country presentations for big and small events. We also do private functions for corporations and organizations.

Wadumbah specializes in presenting professional concerts at a variety of different events and venues. We showcase traditional Noongar dance, music and tales from the ‘Dreaming,’ and we share a lot of our funny and interesting stories from our adventures through-out the State and the world. Fiery energetic dances and wild Didjeridoo playing!

Wadumbah Aboriginal Dance GroupConcerts are well organised and presented with ease and grace. This is because we work hard in preparing for our shows. We talk to the Event Organisers about the theme of the event and work in with them to make sure the concert is done according to time allotted and the way it should be presented.

For example a 5 minute welcome to country presentation would be different to a 30 minute concert and so on. Our approach at a conference is completely different to the way we perform at a school.

The whole concert is executed in full traditional regalia, free flowing and all that is left is for the audience to relax and enjoy a great traditional performance.

The men are very experienced and know what they are doing. This is great for the organisers who can cross Wadumbah off their check up list and attend to other matters because the group take over and get things happening. They always get to the venue early and follow through to the very last refrains of the didjeridoo in the last dance of their show!

Workshops can be arranged where the men will teach dance and how to play the Didjeridoo. James T Webb does solo motivational presentations for about an hour where he talks about the achievements of the Wadumbah Dance Group and their journey towards success.

He discusses Aboriginal culture and music and demonstrates his skills on his traditional instrument the didjeridoo.

“To see a Wadumbah Dance Group performance is to experience a moving account of Indigenous culture with fiery dance sequences and raw, didgeridoo sounds. Their dedication and commitment to performance is unrivalled, captivating and all encompassing. James T Webb’s performance on didgeridoo is comparable to none, the way that James tells the story through the sounds of the didgeridoo is powerful, haunting and evocative. It is with much pride that we provide this reference.”…Teresa Pedrocchi – April 2007, International Dolphin Resort at Monkey Mai, Western Australia

“The dance performances, narrated by Mr. James T. Webb, and the fantastic sound and skill of the Didjeridoo played by Mr. Webb was mesmerizing! …they not only educated the audience but entertained them as well. The knowledge of their culture and the great pride of their Noongar people was inevitable in every performance. .. Sandy Erickson. United Tribes Technical College. United Tribes International Powwow, 3315 University Drive, Bismarck, North Dakota, 58504

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