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Venues: Entertainment licence
Your venue may advise you that they don’t have an entertainment licence. Unlicensed venues are allowed to have a two-piece band and one guest singer. Contact Jaybees for further info.

WeddingTiming everything:
Ceremonies (allow 30 mins to just over an hour):
Our advice is: Don’t have music during photography at a church unless you limit it to one very portable instrument. Too much can go wrong.

If your wedding overruns, you may find that the music stops before your photographer has finished. If it rains there could be a big delay to everything whilst equipment is moved indoors.

Civil ceremonies take less time, typically 20 to 30 minutes.
It is very easy to get the music under way the moment you leave the wedding room but remember that musicians may have to move equipment to another place.

WeddingsPhotography (from 40 mins to over two hours):
If your photographer overruns, then your wedding breakfast may start late and you may find that the musicians have to leave before the photography has ended, unless you have booked them to cover both. Our advice is to make sure that you allow sufficient time for the photographer to do his job. Ask him how long he will take (add another 20 mins to it) and adjust the timing of the reception to fit! If you book a package of 40 photos, it will be virtually impossible for any photographer to shoot the required 60 to 70 or so photographs in an hour!

The Reception (allow at least two to three hours):
Consult your caterer and find out how long they would normally expect the wedding breakfast to last. If your photographer took too long to do his job and you sit down late, then please don’t be surprised if your musicians have leave before the end of the reception. They may have another job to go to.

Celtic MusicMusicians and Bands: Demo tapes/CDs: Always ask for one! If you were expecting a “trad” jazz band and get a “modern” jazz band you only have yourself to blame if you didn’t listen to their demo!

Cost quotations: Always ask for a quotation before booking a band or individual musician. Make sure they include travel expenses and any other expenses such as hire of Public Address systems. Most bands include this in their fee but make sure that it is! This will allow you to budget for the entertainment. Make an allowance for refreshments for the band, even if it isn’t mentioned!

Contracts: Always ask for a written contract and read it carefully before signing and returning it. Challenge anything you don’t agree with. Make sure it includes things like travel expenses and any hire fees if applicable.

Insurance: The band needs to be insured if they or someone else has an accident with their equipment at the performance venue. For instance, they will be covered if a guest accidentally walks into a music stand, falls over and breaks his or her leg. Ask any band you book if they are properly insured!

Space: Always check that there will be enough room to fit everyone in! It would be a terrible shame if there were only room for a four-piece band and you had booked a six-piece!

Time booked: Don’t book your band for a time that is too early. Many weddings run late! You may still be on the speeches when the band arrive! Some bands may be happy to run a few minutes late but they will want to stop playing at the agreed time or charge you overtime!

Overtime: Some bands charge extra for playing beyond the agreed time.
Other bands don’t do overtime. A few bands will play late and not charge extra. Try to avoid this problem by making sure that you have given them a start time that is practical.

Party Time: The bar and food will draw your guest away from the party. No matter how good the band is, you will loose your guests to the bar if food and drink is in another room! It can be very irritating to see nearly all of your guests in the bar when the band is playing to an empty room next door! Make sure that food and drink is available in the main room!

Choosing a DJ is as important to a function as the decoration of the venue or the dinner menu. Choosing a DJ for your wedding reception is one of the most important decisions you can make. Everything else can be perfect, but if the music is not great the party will sizzle. The cutting of the cake and bridal waltz with a song of choice will leave treasured memories as well as happy ones, so music often compliments those special moments. Everything from songs you want and even don’t want from how you want your DJ to dress to suit the theme of your wedding.

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